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Welcome to Healing In Time Craigieburn

 NEW e-Meditations with you in Mind

- Supportive
- Designed for you
- Gentle & positive
- Reducing stress levels
- Helpful for all types of health conditions
- Guided so you can relax
- Mindful & Spiritual

Have you always wanted to learn how to meditate? 

From enhancing your meditation practice to learning how to begin, e-Meditations are perfect for you.  

Designed with you in mind, an e-Meditation is spiritually supportive and will meet you where you are developmentally.

The more advanced you are in meditation the more open your mind is to learning new ways and methods.  Those with a spiritual gift can develop more with intention.

Perfect for any health condition, where the mind goes the body follows.

I would highly recommend this.  

Each personalised 15-20 minute guided meditation costs $40.00

Please note: 
You will receive a personal guided message at the end of your recording.



promoting peace and alignment of  body & soul

Reiki Healing – pronounced Ray key

This gentle & ancient Japanese healing art draws on universal life force energy allowing any dysfunctional, blocked, stuck or depleted Chakra's to flow, inducing relaxation, wellness & self awareness.  

This spiritual style of healing stays with you long after your session, and is often the catalyst that leads to a deeper change within. You will find yourself drawn to Reiki when it is the right time. 

Used along side of medical treatments Reiki can help reduce the negative side effects of medications and reduce stress levels significantly.  It is a beautiful and powerful therapy, suitable for anyone wishing to try it.

I truly believe it encompasses all we need to find inner peace and healing.

Particularly helpful with: 
  • Emotional, Mental & Physical trauma
  • Illness
  • Chronic stress & fatigue
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Giving you a greater sense of purpose
  • Inducing a sense of peace and calm



Reiki Level 2 Healing Course 
coming Saturday April 18th 2015
Prana House Thornbury

Certification in Reiki & Seichim Level One
Level One (beginners) teaches the philosophy behind Reiki, how to tune into your healing energy and how to use it to heal yourself and others. 

- A small group of 2 to 4 students (Craigieburn)

Certification in Reiki Level Two - Practitioner
In this workshop we will be focusing on absent healing techniques and symbols.  You will be learning how to develop your intuition.

- A small group of 2 - 4 students (Craigieburn)

Certification in Reiki Masters 
We cover what it means to be a Reiki Master/Teacher personally & professionally. You are taught how to attune students and will be given 2 Master symbols.

- One on one 
- or a small group of 2 - 4 students (Craigieburn)

Our intention is to provide each student/individual with knowledge that can bring a sense of personal healing, empowerment, self-responsibility and spiritual awareness.  

Remember this is adult education and although still professional, we are creating a very relaxed & supportive learning environment.

Other short courses of spiritual interest are run throughout the year, keep an eye on the website for changes.


Oracle Soul Coaching & Readings

Soul Journeys are individual areas within your life that you desire to understand, heal and give a new direction.

Facilitated through the images of the oracle cards, conversation, honest introspection, intuition and courage to get to the 'heart of the matter'.

An authentic inner journey for the soul.

Psychic Tarot Readings available
in person, by phone or recorded and sent via email

  •  Love 
  •  Career
  •  Finance
  •  Health
  •  Relationships
  •  Answers & outcomes

What are the benefits of a Tarot reading?

  •  It helps you to discover the best path forward
  •  A Tarot spread reveals life lessons necessary for your growth
  •  A reading offers clarity & understanding
  •  Taking a glimpse into your future can help you to make decisions



Dr Weiss is one the of worlds leading authorities on Past Lives.  

He visited Melbourne in 2011 to discuss the importance of Past Life Regression in our Soul's evolution.  I was very fortunate to be there and learn a simple technique on how to regress clients back in order to help them experience a part of their souls history.   We were all regressed back that day to experience our own past lives.  Although I had explored this many times before in dreams and meditations, his process took me there very quickly.

I now share this process with my clients, helping them to easily access their soul memories in order to heal emotional, physical and mental blockages.

A regression is something very personal to you, you will grow closer to knowing who you really are.  

- Physical ailments
- Fears & phobias
- Relationships
- Unblocking your true life's potential 

Cancer information and support
- 13 11 20

Ian Gawler Foundation
- 03 5967 1730
Beyond blue - Depression & Anxiety
- 1300 22 4636
Domestic Violence crisis line
- 1800 015 188
Kids help line
- 1800 55 1800
Relationships Australia - Counselling
- 1300 364 277
Life line 24hr Crisis support
- 13 11 14








Reiki essentials 
By Diane Stein
A complete guide to an Ancient healing art

Hands of light 
By Barbara Ann Brennan
A guide to healing through the human energy field.

Your Reiki Treatment
By Bronwen & Frans Stiene
This is a very practical book offering the practitioner & recipient a guide to what is required of them both.  

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